Steph Curry Ankle Braces – Zamst A2 DX Review

Zamst A2-Dx box frontZamst A2-DX box rear

I landed on somebody’s foot and hurt my left ankle about a week ago during a basketball game and thought that this would be a perfect time to check out the ankle braces that Steph Curry is using.

Steph Curry Ankle Braces which is the Zamst A2 DX became popular after he started using and promoting it a few years ago. I want to give it a try to see what’s the hype was all about.

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SKLZ Control Basketball : Weighted Training Ball Review

SKLZ Control Basketball

Weighted training ball was used in my daughter’s basketball training. Her team’s head coach told the girls that using this ball during practice can help to improve their ball control, strengthens their fingers, wrists, and forearms for ball handling and passing.
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Adidas Basketball Knee Pads Review

Adidas Basketball Knee Pads

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of knee pads in basketball, especially for kids. Due to the nature of the game where there is a lot of unexpected push, trip and diving for the loose ball made the protective gear a must for all ballers today. If you have not read my article about Basketball Knee Pads for Kids and Adults today, you can CLICK HERE.

In this article, I am going to review the Adidas Padded Compression Long Knee Sleeve that I bought a couple of months ago for myself. I have used this knee pads for several games now and I have a pretty good feel on how it performs to complement my game.
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McDavid Basketball Knee Pads : MD6446X Review

McDavid Basketball Knee Pads

Kids these days who are into basketball have high energy and likes to hustle for loose balls and plays physical. As parents, I feel that it is our job to give our sons and daughters the proper gear for safety and for better performance.

The basketball knee pads that I bought for my daughter a few months ago was one of the wisest purchases I had ever done for her at her age and skill level. It provided the much-needed protection to her knees during practices and actual games.

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